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ICEC website has features for parents, students, Alumni, and CSA members/Friend’s of ICEC to get more information online about the Center’s activities as a registered user. To access the “registered users’ sections”, everyone will need to first create an account.

You can have an account as Parent, Student, Teacher, Alumni, and CSA member.  The parent and students accounts are created the first time that you register for classes at ICEC. Each family of registered students has one primary account to which all their children and their individual accounts, provided by the parents, are linked.  This primary account allows you to see your children’s classes, homework, lessons, to sign up for different committees, update their or their students information.   The primary account holder can use the username/email address with their password to access the site.  Click here to see Parent Help

The students can access the site with their own username/email address and password and check the site and see their lessons and homework as they become available.

If you are not registered as primary account holder for the current year student and you are an Alumni, parent of an Alumni, second parent of the student, or a friend of ICEC or CSA, you need to register in the site first and create a unique username/email with password for yourself.  Then you can sign in as an Alumni or CSA member to get access to the members only sections of the site and to register to get emails or join different committees.
The former students can register as Alumni to access the site.  More options will be available for alumni in the future.


All users need to have a unique username and email address to access the site.

A- New Family Registration:

The Online registration for new students starts in mid August and is available until the day before the actual on-site registration in early September.  This link takes the new families to a page to fill the family and student information.  The last page is for payment which will be done after the final acceptance.  All new students have to come to school on registration day for evaluation and placement.

B- ICEC Alumni Registration:

If you are an ICEC alumni, to access the registered user pages of the site, you need to register here.

C- CSA/Anjoman Registration:

If you are an ICEC Anjoman member, friend of ICEC or the parent who was no alumni, to access the registered user pages of the site, you need to register here.

If you have any questions, please email

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