Iran Cultural and Educational Center

Persian Language Development by Proficiency Language Skills Levels


Listening Comprehension:

I can recognize some memorized words and phrases when I hear them spoken. (Interpretive Listening)

Students can:

1.  Understand simple questions such as name and age, daily routine, weather, etc.
2. Recognize simple words often accompanied with pictures such as body parts, selected fruits and vegetables, familiar animals, some classroom items, clothing items and parts of a house.
3. Understand simple questions and commands such as: Where is… Go to…, Let’s go…
4. Follow simple classroom directions
5.  Recognize words beginning with the same sounds.

Speaking – Interpersonal and Presentational Speaking:

I can present some information about myself and some other familiar topics using single words and some memorized phrases. (Presentational Speaking)

I can communicate on some very familiar topics using single words and phrases that I have practiced and memorized. (Interpersonal)

Students can…

1.  Say their name and age.
2.  Name selected fruits and vegetables, familiar animals, classroom items, items of clothing, etc.
3.  Count numbers from 1 to 20 and use them in short sentences on familiar topics such as age.
4.  Answer simple questions about what they like and dislike, or what they have or don’t have: I like dogs. I have a cat. I have two brothers. Etc.
5.  Ask and answer short and simple questions about weather conditions, such as: What is the weather like today?  Today is cold. Today is warm. Etc.
6. Identify and name days of the week.
7.  Identify and use opposite words in short and simple sentences such as: This is big. That is small.  Winter is cold. Summer is hot. Etc.