Shaadi Iris Ghorbani

2022-2023 Iran Arbabi Scholarship Recipient

Shaadi Iris Ghorbani is an incoming freshman at the Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University Dual BA Program. She plans to earn a BA in Middle Eastern and European Studies as well as a BA in Political Science. This is a unique dual set of majors as approved by Maryland Higher Education Department. She attributes her passion in Iranian advocacy to her time in ICEC from 2009-2019 as she learned the beauty and diversity of her culture and heritage, the unique history of Iran and Ancient Persia- from working in their newsletter to theatre production. During her study time in Dublin and New York City, she hopes to gain insight on the Middle-Eastern issues and policies with regards to ethnic diversity and human rights. Being taught the rich diversity of Iranian culture is what impassioned Shaadi to dedicate her life to a modern Iran often concealed of its beautiful beliefs, gender identities, and ethnicities.