25th Anniversary Conference

Over 150 people attended Iran Cultural and Educational Center’s (ICEC) 25th Anniversary Conference on October 12, 2013 at the Marriott’s Inn and Conference Center, University of Maryland University College, College Park, Maryland.

The main aim for this event, celebrating the achievements of young Iranian-Americans, was achieved successfully. The ICEC alumni and other Young Iranian-American Speakers showed us, through their emotional presentations, their attendance, and thoughtful questions that they are strong and confident; able to thrive in our multi-cultural society without compromise to their cultural identity and heritage.

The Iran Cultural and Educational Center expresses its deep gratitude to everyone who supported the event. We would especially like to thank our Speakers, Moderators, Moderator’s Assistants, Teachers, Alumni, Students, Parents and Volunteers for their time and participation in this event.

To see the pictures of the event click here. (Thanks to ICEC parent volunteer, Ruhi Afnan)

To see information about each session click here.