Nowruz 1394 Message (March 15, 2015)

Dear Friends of ICEC Community,

Words cannot covey my gratitude for everything you did to make the Nowruz celebration another memorable event. Your tireless work and well-coordinated planning from the beginning of the school year were reflected in the entire program. Throughout the program, we heard nothing but praise for the exceptional quality of the performances, management, services, and reception. In the ICEC community, the Nowruz celebration has become a lasting tradition that brings together former and current students and parents, and through which each member assumes a crucial role to ensure its success. The success of this year’s Nowruz celebration was another example of your group work and well coordinated planning and management. The amount of work involved at each stage of planning and execution is a reflection of your commitment and dedication.

For over two hours, our children showcased the best of our cultural heritage, surpassing expectations with their performances. They were comfortable in their roles and enjoyed being onstage. The beautifully performed “Ey-Iran”, with the colorfully-decorated stage in the background, along with skillfully-recited and uplifting poems by the masters of ceremony set the stage for the rest of the evening.  Throughout the program, students one by one and group after group performed with talent and exuberance. The class performances, dances, pieces of music, and play all attest to the well-nurtured talents of our children and also to the undeniable fact that our joint efforts in preserving our cultural heritage have not been in vain.  It was indeed a magical evening; we didn’t want it to end.

The Nowruz celebration was a reminder that ICEC is much more than a language school. Throughout the years, your love of our cultural heritage has supported our common goal of building a community in which the sense of belonging and pride is apparent in every aspect. Surely, our children will be the future ambassadors of cultural awareness and understanding and will strive toward building a much more peaceful world.

Once again, on behalf of Dr. Alizadeh Taeb and my colleagues at the Center, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the former and current students, and the Nowruz Committee members who worked to keep alive this centuries-old tradition thousands of miles away from the country where it was born.

Happy New Year!

نوروزتان پیروز

Iran Arbabi