Nowruz 1394- March 2015 (posted 02/02/2015)

Nowruz 2015 celebration will be on Saturday March 14, 2015 at Watkins Mill High school.

This site is used to reserve tickets for this event for ICEC members. Note that this site is not used to pay for reserved tickets, all ticket payments are collected at school when tickets are picked up. (By clicking on paypal icon, you only will reserve your tickets). Please note that due to space availability, the numbers of tickets are limited and are on first come first serve basis. All the current students and their parents have 1st priority in getting tickets and must purchase their tickets by February 21st. You can reserve your additional tickets through this site/or the waiting list at school. After February 28th, any available ticket will be offered to student’s other family members and guests based on the waiting list. Please follow the ticket link below to complete the form and provide your information. You will receive a confirmation email to let you know the number of additional tickets that you can receive.

Discounted Adult Ticket Price: $30.00 If purchased on or before February 21st at school
Adult Ticket Price: $35.00 If purchased after February 21st

Tickets will not be available on the day of event.

Please enter a name and email address for your confirmation and tickets
Choose your tickets and pay for them at PayPal. You will fill in your ticket information after your purchase is completed.