Nowruz1400 Message

Dear ICEC Community: Current and Former Parents and Students

Our heartfelt gratitude for your support in making it possible for us to bring the community together in celebration of Nowruz 1400. Your children volunteered to perform in the program, and you, despite your busy schedule, welcomed their choices and supported them every step of the way.  This year, in particular, your support was crucial since most practices, and all productions had to take place at home. Your dedication provided our students the opportunity to display with pride their unique talents and also their heritage culture through a wide range of uplifting performances.

This year’s event, the same as the past ones, resulted from the collaborative efforts of the current and former student and parent-volunteers. The Young Iranian Musicians’ inspiring performance, under the direction of Payam Yousefi, was a perfect example of participation by the past and present students who wholeheartedly welcomed the challenges and artfully performed their pieces that later were synchronized by Payam.  Needless to say, that several members of the Nowruz Celebration Committee, that under the direction of Mr. Emtiaz initiated, coordinated, and directed the program, are also former parents. Additionally, Iman Sharifi, one of our former students, helped with the technical aspects of several parts of the program.

Over the years, thanks to the unwavering support of dedicated parent-volunteers like you and committed instructional staff, ICEC has surmounted obstacles to establish itself as an enduring institution.  This year, particularly in the face of exceptionally challenging circumstances, your dedication and selfless efforts have been crucial in reinforcing our sense of community. There is no doubt in our mind that we will come out of this dark period more determined in efforts to preserve our common heritage language and culture not as an end but as a means of helping the younger generation to connect to and value other cultures. This awareness is key to the peaceful world that we want the next generation to live in. 

Our sincere gratitude and Happy New Year!