Reflection about 25th Anniversary of ICEC

Message from an Alumna, Kamran Partovi, Student at university of Maryland, College Park, Maryland:

Here we are at the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Iran Cultural & Educational Center… Wow. Today I have truly realized what a difference ICEC has made in my life. None of us enjoyed spending Friday nights doing homework and going to class on Saturday mornings, but where would any of us be today if we didn’t have the gift of being able to speak Persian? Without ICEC, the bridge in my life that connects me to my homeland would not exist –nor would this beautiful community of family, friends, and mentors who have all made my life meaningful since I moved to the DC area in 1999. Now it is clear that ICEC was the foundation for my involvement in both IAAB and ISF, organizations that have also had a huge impact on my life. Fourteen years of memories… I remember every Yalda performance, writing name tags at Imagination Bethesda, being part of “rooznameh negari”, Young Iranian Musicians and Young Iranian Performers (the latter which I later directed), the memorable Nowruz shows, talent shows, hanging out at Fallsgrove after class ended… But nothing more important than all the amazing and special people who today are my closest and dearest friends… actually family.

Here’s to another 25 years of success for ICEC!